Water Sports and Activities in Ireland

Ireland boasts a breathtaking 1,372 kilometers of coastline, which is more per capita than any other nation in Europe. Many people like to hire a car and drive along the coast, admiring the scenery; a rental car will give you access to the less traveled roads, making it easier to choose the most scenic routs. However, in addition to the beauties of the coastline, with such ready access to the ocean as well as a large number of lakes and rivers inland, it comes as no surprise to learn that water sports and other aquatic activities are a big part of life for Irish residents. Nor is it surprising that so many visitors to Ireland choose to try their hand at one of the many opportunities available to them related to the water.

Fishing is always a popular choice in Ireland, and a number of boat companies specifically cater to anglers, but there are other boats for hire as well. Visitors can choose to take out small pleasure craft on a lake or quiet river, or they may want to look into something more luxurious. Some visitors choose to charter a yacht to sail both inland and on the open water; sailboats are another popular sea craft, and most companies will also hire you a captain to go with your boat; they will certainly insist on it if you have no prior boating experience!

In addition to sailing, swimming, snorkeling and other activities are equally popular with locals and visitors. If you have no prior experience, you can book courses with experienced instructors who will teach you the ropes and supervise your activities in the water, ensuring that the experience will not only be fun but safe, too.

Finally, if the weather is being uncooperative, or if you chose to visit during a time of year simply too chilly to allow for outdoor water adventures, there are many water sports centers located throughout Ireland that cater to the whole family. Hop into your rental car, drive to an aquatic center and then come indoors and enjoy diving, snorkeling, swimming and just splashing around in comfort; in Ireland, water is simply a way of life.

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